The Rural Hostel El Almadiero is a dream come true for a couple of Roncal natives who decided to build their future in one of the valley’s villages where they were born, El Valle de Roncal.
The carefully renovated 18th century stone building offers 8 rooms with complete baths and free Wi-Fi. Breakfast and a light supper are also served in an area for the exclusive use of our customers.
It’s located in the heart of Burgui, right in the middle of the Navarran Pyrenees in a privileged setting where you’ll get a real taste for all things traditional.


The villa of Burgui is a gateway to the Roncal Valley after crossing the gorge Foz de Burgui, which has been declared a Natural Reserve and is home to one of the largest colonies of vultures in Europe.
A Roman bridges welcomes visitors at the entrance to the village with its unmistakeable post-and-lintel structure. Just a few metres upstream is a small dam where rafts once descended reminding people of the fact that logging and the production of wood products as well as livestock raising and cheesemaking have been the residents’ main sources of work and income.


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